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strangers from hell

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

shit slapped but i was kinda mad that mc drowned in his villain arc. like i fr was pissed when they said he actually killed all the murderers like noooo i wanted him to escape w his gf nooooooo » Continue Reading

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Update: Business proposal,, the show

Category: Movies, TV, Celebrities

uuuuuhhh its kinda funny, i think the mc is funny but im kinda bored?? idk something about the ceo dude makes me sleepy lmao, i wish he was more interesting its just to drastic of a contrast for me personally. w the goofy ass mc and her friend and the this :/ ass dude. dont think the trope is for me.. » Continue Reading

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awakened from my slumber

Category: Art and Photography

Iv'e recently been freed from my art block, it feels good asf to be able to do the one thing i'm good at again » Continue Reading

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