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"Why does buying a home take SO long? 3 1/2 more weeks.. :("

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Part 1

Category: Blogging

I find it bothersome when others self diagnose Anxiety . Really, it's none of my business. It shouldn't bother me so much, but, I can't let it go. They talk about it as such a temporary thing. It's used out of context so much that it is not taken seriously anymore. I feel like this is a growing issue and it needs to be addressed: Hi, I'm Megahn. Yes, It's spelled like Mega-HAN.. but I assure you, ... » Continue Reading

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Some thoughts on the Pandemic

Category: Life

What do you to pass time, during the Pandemic?  Life as we once knew it made a  drastic turn  last year (2020). Our freedom and piece of mind flew out the window. As we look back, it all seems to be a distant memory. Coming home from work Friday evenings and heading out the the bar/club or to a party is deemed unacceptable now. When a short year ago, this was normal. Children starting Kindergarten... » Continue Reading

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