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Category: Life

hi friends, a little introduction from me! :D  hello, im meer. 14 and living in southeast asia, im not gonna tell which country because i think its really private :)  i play genshin, roblox and ts4,  feel free to add me.  thats all from me, see you guys in my next blog :D » Continue Reading

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i want to buy a digital camera

Category: Blogging

hi there, i wanted some suggestions / thoughts from you guys.  i wanted to buy a digital camera, but i dont really know what brand should i buy or the features of it. some says it doesnt worth it, and some says the camera quality is good.  what are your thoughts/suggestions?  » Continue Reading

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i just took my first test!

Category: School, College, University

hey friends, hru? i hope yall are doing great :D i just took my first test today, it was good. everyone said it was easy ( kinda ) but i can still answer it and its kinda good, im having my english test tomorrow. wish me luck!  byee » Continue Reading

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