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heaven now or heaven after

Category: Writing and Poetry

i’m here to preach the gospel she said on the porch stair she left that night in the wrong shoes cinderella with auburn hair he forgives me, he forgives you he’s merciful, she tells me but the only mercy i ask for her is the mercy she will grant me he just wants your obedience she explained as best she could but if i had to choose my devotion would be for her, it would god is what is best for you ... » Continue Reading

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mercury - planet

Category: Writing and Poetry

something i wrote about my mum last summer. might be the best thing i’ve written altho i’ve got some way to go. once i’ve got my neocities up and running that’ll be where I really document my writing improvement but anyways.  mercury [1] i will protect you my terrarium of stars but something else guides you in the dark of the soil like a galaxy contained new voices fight on inside you something up... » Continue Reading

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what im thinking about in between the bees in my head and the stranger in my bed + a selfie

Category: Writing and Poetry

i don’t cry when i write about you but my head hurts and my chest is heavy and nothing gets lighter but the sky and my pen and i think peeling myself from you would be like removing my arm but nights are about you and days are about you and maybe not even about you but about my heads way of obsessing over something simpler than the fact that my life falls apart whenever i breathe on it  edit: the ... » Continue Reading

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on muses

Category: Writing and Poetry

inspiration doesn’t come from nowhere  god spent 7 days in my head before exhaling the universe » Continue Reading

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pick a card, any card, and i’ll put it in my locket

Category: Writing and Poetry

it’s not always about you  sometimes it’s about how time moves without me, how im on a zipline and the only way off is down but the only way forward is hell.  i slice through paper soldiers and emerge gleaming , dripping in red,  it’s thoughts of emptiness, of nothing, of days that pass on without me,  of a path that leads nowhere special.  im meant to be made of more than this,  im meant to be on... » Continue Reading

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