mercury - planet

something i wrote about my mum last summer. might be the best thing i’ve written altho i’ve got some way to go. once i’ve got my neocities up and running that’ll be where I really document my writing improvement but anyways. 

mercury [1]

i will protect you

my terrarium of stars

but something else guides you

in the dark of the soil

like a galaxy contained

new voices fight on inside you

something uproots you from your natural course

gravity thwarted for someone else’s love

a planet, crooked, a flower, unearthed

disaster imminent, you are birthed

in the light of a new deity, her arms wide

you grow in her orbit and her living light

my gasp caught in glass 

my smile trapped in this box

i will love you until you rot

your blood beads, blooming,

your stars are escaping,

you will explode until there’s not

anything left inside you

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Byron, VP of SpaceHey

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I have always loved outer space, so this hits different. Like, no joke.

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oh really🥺 what a nice comment. i love space so much, too. mercury is a planet (and element! and god, kinda) of extremes, that’s why i love it so much.

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report

Oh for sure! I've never thought about it that way. When I was a kid, I wanted to be the first astronaut on Mars. Oh, my sweet summer child...

by Byron, VP of SpaceHey; ; Report

hahahahaha i thought it would be so cool to be an astronaut and then i realised you had to have some modicum of focus for that and that is a very impossible feat for me lol

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report

Yuppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp not good enough at science/math/discipline for that, hahaha

by Byron, VP of SpaceHey; ; Report

what’s stopping us from hitching a ride with jeff bezos… i think i could sneak on there 🤔

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report


by Byron, VP of SpaceHey; ; Report

that’s why i’ll just fine my way into his luggage, simple!

by xXmerkuryXkeroseneXx; ; Report


by Byron, VP of SpaceHey; ; Report