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Flying Saucer

Category: Life

What I will share today, is something that happened to me back in 2012, in Jun! Before i share with you the true story, i will say this first! It is pointless to try to convince me otherwise, that they do not exist, so do not even try or waist your breath in even trying to convince me that they do not exist! Because i have seen » Continue Reading

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Being different is not always easy

Category: Life

I was born a warm spring day in the noon. During my youth, i did not have it easy, because i was different from the majority of people. I was born with a few gifts that not many people on this planet can comprehend or understand, and because of that you will get judged and also bullied. I have been a telepath ever since i was a child, and a empath as well.  What does this mean exactly! It means th... » Continue Reading

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