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Emo go gym?????

Category: Life

Been hitting the gym a lot lately so I MIGHT post my progress here. Proud of myself for getting  this far and am excited to see myself grow :P » Continue Reading

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Category: Music

My music taste is very diverse but I wanna listen to new things! sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo if anyone comments/dms me an artist or band to listen to ill make a future blog post rating them and what i liked/didnt like!!1 THXXXX XOXOXOXO ~Lyric » Continue Reading

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R.I.P Sophie Lancaster TW: talking about violence

Category: Life

15 years ago today a girl by the name of Sophie Lancaster was brutally beaten to death by a group of teenaged boys simply for being different. Sophie wasn't the only victim in this attack either, her boyfriend, Robert Maltby, was also attacked by the group of boys but thankfully lived. To this day many people are beaten, harassed, and even killed just because of their differences. So remember, no ... » Continue Reading

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Top 10 Goth Bands?????????? (In my opinion)

Category: Music

10. Alien Sex Fiend ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 9. Type 0 Negative ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 8. Joy Division ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7. Rosetta Stone ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6. Lebanon Hanover ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5. Siouxsie and the Banshees ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4. Sisters of Mercy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3. Christian Death ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2. Bauhaus ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. The Cure  » Continue Reading

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