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Damage Control

Category: Life

Is it just me or am I always on deck? Damage control is 24/7 with kids. Not necessarily in terms of fighting. I'm talking about the order of my home. It's like, every time I get everything cleaned up where things are half way decent, it spirals back to disaster in like, a day or less. Sometimes 2 days, but that's rare. Well, thank goodness for chill Sundays and baby nap times. At least it gives me... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

So I unintentionally spammed someone with friend requests. It's like I kept forgetting I tried friending them every time I was on their page. Not quite sure why. Anyways, sorry about that. Not concerned about requests getting declined, it's all up to each person. But I didn't mean to make myself look insane. Anyways, back to life. » Continue Reading

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I want all the knowledge!! Coding for the win

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Everything about this website has been AMAZING. Even though MySpace was of my generation, I never experienced it like I am with SpaceHey. I can see why people are loving this! This has been the most fun I've had on the web in a long time. My time on the computer is either work related or YouTube. This has been a nice break in that routine. I have also been inspired to learn to code. I know this in... » Continue Reading

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