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"being the silliest of them all!!"

omniromantic & ace genderfluid/flux filipino, any prns will work!

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creating something rn

Category: Writing and Poetry

making this one project called twelve hour massacre (yes the name and possibly artstyle was originated by achooshi but theyre problematic as heck so i stole it and made it better) and uhh yeah its going fruitful so far idk i js wanted to update my spacehe y  after like three months LOL!!!! » Continue Reading

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crying emoji rn 🦅

Category: Friends

someone talk to me im about to implode of boredom 😓 discord: krowvermil » Continue Reading

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axel if ur seeing this i hope u know that im gonna find u and im gonna replace ur purple hair dye w/ green :3

Category: Friends

oh woah woah oh woaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh . ..  caught in a bad romance... rah rah rah ah ah, roma, romamah, gaga ooh lala, want yo bad romance-- » Continue Reading

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