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Time change

Category: Life

Is it just me that has noticed the time change? When it’s 6:pm it’s pitch black, and my mood has changed ever since this fucking time change. I feel more tried them usual all of a sudden, normally I get tried at 4:am, now I get tried at 5:pm. God, change your time back. » Continue Reading

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Hot winter???

Category: Life

Why tf is the coldest season of the month so fuckin hot?! Is it just TX or is it happening everywhere? I swear the fucking mornings feels like it just rained, the afternoons feel like summer! This shit wack » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

Monday, every1s worst day. School starts, who likes school?? You wake up with smelly breath, messy/tangled hair! Whoever actually likes school or monday isn't real, or you're just a fucking loser who's trying to be "DiFfErEnT" and "QuIrKy". Yes Nicole, I'm talking about ur ugly ass. » Continue Reading

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I Luv Fashion

Category: Fashion, Style, Shopping

One tip you need for when you wear a short skirt like a miniskirt: make sure to wear leggings under that bitch so you don't get dressed coded by that weird ass principal you have. He should be focused on not going to prison for being a fucking weirdo instead of looking at girl's skirts, like, ew. » Continue Reading

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