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Vinyl Collection

Category: Music

#vinyl-gallery * { all:unset; } #vinyl-gallery { all:initial; width:100%; height:230px; margin:30px 0; display:flex; flex-direction: row; position:relative; margin-left:-6px; } #vinyl-gallery .vinyl { perspective: 500px!important; width:18px; transition: width 0.5s; } #vinyl-gallery .vinyl:hover { width:148px; } #vinyl-gallery img { transition: transform 0.5s, width 0.5s, height 0.5s, margin-top 0... » Continue Reading

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Graphics Archive

Category: Web, HTML, Tech

Update (07/11/2023): This blog post probably won't be updated anymore, but you can find more old-web graphics on my website ! I may or may not migrate the contents of this post to there someday. Collection of graphics I've collected over the years, mostly from Tumblr and web archived websites. I advise you to » Continue Reading

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