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INTRO !! ☆

Category: SpaceHey

Hey I'm Kalcium, Kal, or Parrot! I use He/They, but I also don't mind They/Them! My time zone is PST, and I am pansexual. I have depression. I'm currently seeing a therapist for my mental issues and I'm getting better! Friend me if you have a silly cat pfp :3 OH EM GEE I NEED BLINKIES, PLEASE IM SOME TO ME OR ADD THEM UNDER THIS Please feel free to message me! I'm usually pretty active. Please add... » Continue Reading

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DNI / BYF !! ☆

Category: SpaceHey

DNI: Homophobic* Transphobic  Zoophile Pedophile Religious** TCC -12/18+ * I understand some are homophobic for religious reasons, as long as you do not spread any hate, you are fine on my page. ** This goes for very religious people, that base their personality on religion or have their profile to meet religious people. If you are not particularly huge on religion but still religious, you may int... » Continue Reading

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My opinion on TCC

Category: SpaceHey

This is getting out of hand, " TCC shouldn't get so much hate " There are REASONS it's getting hate, and it's only getting worse. Spacehey isn't the place for you if you think TCC is cool, or romanticizing murderers, gore, crime, etc. You can't just decide to be offended and create fake accounts and try to get people banned. Stop trying to get people banned, doing gore raids, spamming blogs, and m... » Continue Reading

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