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My opinion on TCC

This is getting out of hand, " TCC shouldn't get so much hate "

There are REASONS it's getting hate, and it's only getting worse.

Spacehey isn't the place for you if you think TCC is cool, or romanticizing murderers, gore, crime, etc. You can't just decide to be offended and create fake accounts and try to get people banned.

Stop trying to get people banned, doing gore raids, spamming blogs, and more. Just accept Spacehey isn't your place, rather than looking for a new place who IS accepting, youre hanging onto a grudge and sticking to Spacehey.

Not only are you getting people falsely banned for disagreeing with you, youre giving it an even worse reputation, traumatizing people and openly exposing them to things such as gore, NSFW, and faking being a person just for attention.

Im just getting very sick of all the gore, NSFW, and raids that go on daily. Every time I get on spacehey, theres something new about the gore, raids, or accounts being taken over.

The mods are doing their best but its not going fast enough, its not too hard to just make a new account and its very immature and childish to hang onto a grudge like this and do something horrible because of it.

Is it really that hard to fuck off? I don't like spreading hate or getting involved, but holy shit it just keeps happening.

Thanks to those who give Kudos, and I wish everyone stays safe. If you need to take a break, do so <3


adding onto this, some TCC don't deserve harassment or death threats. I understand not all TCC members are doing the gore spam, even though it's odd (to me), they do not deserve being harassed or receiving death threats,

I am not defending TCC or trying to say I support, however death threats are too far. 

TCC members are people as well, some are receiving death threats for things they have no part in.

However, if you are a TCC, you'll be receiving a lot of hate from the community. DNI with me please, I will just block you, however I will not spread harassment or death threats.

EDIT (2):

TCC isn't all people who romanticize murderers, those people are alright, I will not block but DNI please!

TCC who do romanticize, I will block!

As I said, I do not support TCC but I do not want to spread hate. However romanticizing murderers is NOT okay.

I am NOT a TCC.

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I love like true crime bc like they're interesting (in a way of like... interesting to learn abt) but like... romanticizing the murders is not okay

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yeah ..

romanticizing I find uncomfortable but I'm not gonna actively spread hate abt it

However the gore strikes, NSFW, hate directed at people, etc. is NOT okay

by ☆ !! Kal !! ☆ (#1 silly guy); ; Report

though its been such a long time... the community is just fucked up so much that it's just become an assumption that everyone is the same and its kinda sad

I'm not at all apart of it but like just bfr... if one of them is romanticizing anything either tell them its bad or block...

by valen; ; Report

YEAH like the hate and etc is rally uncalled for

by valen; ; Report


by valen; ; Report

I js wish TCC would stop the gore and NSFW spam and they'd be a lot less hated

And people spreading hate, death threats, etc. are making it worse

by ☆ !! Kal !! ☆ (#1 silly guy); ; Report

yeah thats the bad part abt fandoms, they all have like... that one bad side that ruins it for everyone

by valen; ; Report

Yeah a lot of ppl are attacked for being TCC because of how others act + too easy to gore spam

by ☆ !! Kal !! ☆ (#1 silly guy); ; Report


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tcc isnt a new thing, its existed for YEARS (since the late 90s/early 2000s) and you guys are only just now noticing?? leave them alone. its just edgy mentally ill kids seeking community in something they find comfort in. they arent harming anyone.

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* other than the gore spams, thats weird. but other than that leave em alone!

by jessejam; ; Report

That's what I'm saying

I didn't rlly care for TCC until it became an issue such as gore spam, NSFW, etc.

by ☆ !! Kal !! ☆ (#1 silly guy); ; Report

oh okaay

by jessejam; ; Report

SpiderPlantGod🎐🏙 newblogcommenter

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I mean wathing videos abt it and being in a community is different
I wouldnt be mean to a "normal" ttc person but i dont think being a group about horrible people is is respectful to the victims
I kinda think it becoming a community is why people became radicalized and do stuff like the ppl here because uts like a echochamber kinda like the diet sphere etc

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Space's TCC accounts are so aggressive..

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✰°𝚛𝚘𝚐𝚞𝚎؂𝚜𝚌𝚎𝚗𝚎ᶻᶻ🎸's profile picture

what does TCC mean? just asking because i just joined spacehey pretty recently.

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True Crime Community!

Watch out for gore + p*rn accounts!

by ☆ !! Kal !! ☆ (#1 silly guy); ; Report


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maybe they wouldnt get sm hate if they acted normally but yeah i agree. good blog

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