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I should probably redesign my website

Category: Blogging

As I said in the title, I've been thinking on actually rebuild it from scratch, it's been "under construction" for almost over a year now. Plus the code is really messy and the site only works on desktop. It basically looks like this rn: » Continue Reading

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How can I customize the blog too?

Category: SpaceHey

I've seen some people customizing their blog posts as much as their profiles, and I wonder. How can I do the same? Is the style in every post using the style tag or is there a dedicated field to do that? I only tried with the font in this particular entry, but I'm not sure if it affects » Continue Reading

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I can't believe there's finally an app

Category: Blogging

I love how yesterday, I was wondering if there was an app for this site, and they proceeded to launch it. I haven't used it a lot but I love it already, An just needs to add other stuff Blog, comments, etc to the app and it'd be perfect. I still need to learn how to use this site tho, but I feel like social media should be like this. Free as of freedom, no tracker, no algorithms and no bullshit th... » Continue Reading

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It's the first time I'm writing something on here

Category: Blogging

To be honest, I'm not really sure what to post here, mainly because I just discovered this social media because of the lovely 2000's vibe it has. I haven't been here for much time, yet I love this place already. (Also I'm curious of how this blog entry looks to take inspiration for my website cuz I have no idea on how to do it lmao) » Continue Reading

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