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Re: Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment

Category: Blogging

Ok, I’m gonna try and keep this short, but we’ll see how that goes. There's a TL;DR at the bottom if you wanna skip all of this. I’ve been seeing it a lot more frequently lately here in the US, and I think it’s time to discuss it at length: Freedom of Speech There seems to be a really ugly misconception behind what the First Amendment allows. And I say “ugly” because the phrase “freedom of speech”... » Continue Reading

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Support For Your Passions

Category: Goals, Plans, Hopes

I'm not sure how to start this, but I'm gonna start anyway. This is a rant. For any of you who have projects you're always working on (Etsy shops, music, art, etc.), difficult is it for you to self-promote?  For me, it's pretty difficult. I write music, and I'm quite proud of the stuff I write and produce. But then the hardest part is trying to spread the word to try and garner fans. And the worst... » Continue Reading

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Category: Blogging

So here's a quick intro as to who I am: My name is actually Jeff, and I live in Las Vegas, NV I'm 32, and a single dad.  I'm a musician and a gamer.  I write and play for a band called All The Rage, and we're pretty good! Mainly pop-punk/alternative style stuff. So if you're a fan of Blink-182, Green Day, Spill Canvas, Boys Like Girls, Mayday Parade, or anything like that, check us out! 2020 kicke... » Continue Reading

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