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artist:CG Concept, Graphic, 26 yy, dj-producer, gay-bi☁️

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Facts, question: Can Netherlands survive sea Level RISE in 2050 (REALiTY!!!!)?

Category: News and Politics

Climate change is going on, guys! And the first enemy is already going through consequences of it, i talk about the capital of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh. This is all the cause of industrial revolution and, in less amount, the nature itself. » Continue Reading

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Philosophy and Magic

Category: Writing and Poetry

If u ask me about my philosophy I’ll say definitely intelligent absolutism. I prefer spiritualism to Atheism. I practice digital and irl magic. I fight for freedom of information, democracy, ecology and the variety of political and cultural preferences. » Continue Reading

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Category: Writing and Poetry

zZamn YOLO Yolo L o l igtg!! (LolZ) Eliminate ur tabs and Reconstruct! » Continue Reading

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Life 〔Round-cycles〕

Category: Blogging

5 am is the perfect time to vwake up! Don’t forget to turn off ur PC before you go to sleep so it’ll live longer! And it’ll be lagging when u start it so don’t ever leave it with the power on after you finished working and especially when you go to sleep or anything longer than 20 minutes! » Continue Reading

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messaging (pre-generated templates) (plus CODES-ing):

Category: Blogging

Haiy 💠  haio:) yeo  hyaio:) can i ask u to send me this in a comment? pleazz: ˚ʚ♡ɞ˚ » Continue Reading

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