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scewl 2

Category: Life

imma need some of u people to gain some fucking personality. im in an auditorium surrounded by CLONES. all these ppl look and act just alike and if you're normal or different by any means ur suddenly the weirdest bitch on planet earth... OKAY PAL. just finished the end of the year reading test. i got tired and guessed for the rest of the questions, am i cooked or wat ? » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

i dont get how the children in my class have the energy to scream at our teacher AT 8 AM.. and they swear it's so quirky, no btch ur actually just insufferable!  and to make matters worse THEY ARE SIXTEEN YEARS OLD acting like fcking children ??? and their parents don't gaf either.. have u no shame or wut?? this school is getting worse and worse I SWEAR » Continue Reading

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