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i dont get how the children in my class have the energy to scream at our teacher AT 8 AM.. and they swear it's so quirky, no btch ur actually just insufferable! 

and to make matters worse THEY ARE SIXTEEN YEARS OLD acting like fcking children ??? and their parents don't gaf either.. have u no shame or wut?? this school is getting worse and worse I SWEAR

i'll knock all this shit over

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xenia 🫧

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then they be yelling at like 8 in the morning at the teacher for no reason then go back and ask wtf she just said AFTER she just explained

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if i was her i would've been jumped over that desk and choked them out but whatevs

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and then they wanna act crazy when the teacher is just doing their job and telling them to shut their TRAPS WHAT

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they don't even act like that if their ring leader isn't there

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follower mentality

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i HATE kids like this. they clearly dont care about their education/respect others education. why dont they just drop out.. anyway!

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literally leik

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No FRRR like then the teacher makes it seem okay like if yall dont get yall big back wide mouth off brand pinkalicious self on somewhere.

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if i was her everybody would fail that class

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