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Something Something Something

Category: Art and Photography

Hoping after I finish up my commissions I can start on some more personal projects like an animatic for Ilek, the intro comic for Butch, and a few other things I want to work on.  I feel confident this week, so I’m going to try and work more on commissions and getting what I can done while I’m still enthusiastic about it! Wish me luck  For » Continue Reading

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Magma Magma Magma Tonight Tongiht Tonight Yay Yay Yay

Category: Blogging

Me and my friends plan to do a Magma Board tonight!  I'll be posting some of it here, only some though, because I cannot promise the whole page is going to be safe for work. So, at least SOME doodles. More things will likely be posted on my as well, because I want to draw my friends' OCs!  » Continue Reading

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My First Blog

Category: Blogging

Hi! I want to finally put a use to my Spacehey, so I thought why not use it as a sh1tp0sting site for myself, art, and updates! I cannot guarantee I'll be consistent in posting art on here- but, I will be rambling. I love to talk about my OCs! So...Expect more here soon » Continue Reading

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