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Thoughts: how large do you think SpaceHey will get?

Category: Art and Photography

According to An's friend's list, there are nearly 40,000 users already signed up. And this site launched a month ago, right? In my last blog post I said I would hope for this site to get big, but not too big. Do you think smartphones and the streamlining of all other social media would have any affect as to how big this site gets? I think the only way you can truly enjoy a site like this (like MyS... » Continue Reading

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This site is 100% remarkable

Category: Art and Photography

I think we can all collectively agree that Facebook has taken a major shit.  I was hoping for the day when someone would replicate the old myspace. I think it was semi-successful with FriendProject, but the coding was off and just didn't have the MySpace feel. Not like this. SpaceHey has been such a breath of fresh air for me, as well as so many others and I'm so STOKED about it. Not only does it ... » Continue Reading

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