Thoughts: how large do you think SpaceHey will get?

According to An's friend's list, there are nearly 40,000 users already signed up. And this site launched a month ago, right?

In my last blog post I said I would hope for this site to get big, but not too big. Do you think smartphones and the streamlining of all other social media would have any affect as to how big this site gets? I think the only way you can truly enjoy a site like this (like MySpace)Β is to be on a desktop computer. I don't know what you guys think, but I feel like a lot less people use desktops these days when everything is so compartmentalized on the phone. You just can't enjoy a cascading stylesheet on a smartphone. Everything is so linear. Ugh.

Maybe this site will just be made up of all late-20s/30-somethings who used to be css coding machines back in the day. But then again I see a bunch of gen-z kids aestheticizing Y2K style.

What do you think the demographic will be? If this site has grown to 40k in a month, I'm anticipating to see how many users there will be within a year.

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Is the fact that gen-z is interested in the y2k style bad?

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I mean they where born on the y2k era so it's literally fair for them to be here, idk

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Virtual Machine

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I hope that it catches on, but for now, I am just having fun with it. I don't mind the old interface. Everything looks pretty much the same now with bootstrap and wordpress. For now, it's just a nice free customizable blogging platform that I don't have to maintain. I have all of my html/css saved so if I end up making my own blog someday, I can just re-use the code :)

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Its hard to say. As someone in my 20s I signed up for the nostalgia and css fun but I did find this on tik tok which is full of the generation after me. I think it’ll get bigger and theres a possibility of it catching on. With the breach of privacy going on within instagram and facebook , especially the layout changes on those sites which gear the audience into ads and shopping i think it might be enough to see people signing up, at least for now.
What might filter who/how many people sign up would probably be how old and outdated the layout of spacehey is compared to sites like IG & Twitter. Spacehey also doesn't have an app. Although I think thats the charm of it, the simplicity of Spacehey right now is extremely refreshing. No ads to look at and no personalized targeting on spending money.
Personally I hope it catches on, I wouldn’t mind if it got pretty big. Big enough that most of my irl friends are on it as well.

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