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19yr old Bassist/Vocalist from Australia, Agender [They/Them]

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Song of the Day: The Devil in I

Category: Music

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XEEasR7hVhA I think this is the very song that kickstarted me into listening to heavier music, before this it was just Sabaton and Rammstein, but thanks to to this song i now listen to some of my current favorite bands. "STEP INSIDE, SEE THE DEVIL IN I" "The band commits suicide in various ways, such as Corey Taylor setting a bomb off while he sits at a table, Mick ... » Continue Reading

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Fuck Landlords

Category: Life

This is going to be a quick rant, Fuck landlords, for the last 4 months our landlady has been a conniving bitch, she threatens to kick us out because we (me and my partner) haven't paid our rent and is overdue...which isn't true, we were in a spot of trouble for a while but we fixed this issue, but still she wants to kick us out, she has now summoned us for court later this month, once i read the ... » Continue Reading

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Song of the day: Freezing Moon

Category: Music

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7UgU0J0exY This is the song that introduced me to Norwegian Black Metal, ever since hearing this song i have become obsessed with the genre, and since then i now have a band paying an  homage of some kind towards this band and its former vocalist Pelle 'Yngve' Ohlin, "WHEN ITS COLD, AND WHEN  ITS DARK, THE FREEZING MOON  CAN OBSESS YOU" [Mayhem's drummer, Jan Axel ... » Continue Reading

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First Post

Category: Music

This is the first blog on this site, i wont post very often, but when i do it will be music i plan to hopefully release someday » Continue Reading

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