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Hello World! Want to be friends?

Category: Blogging

hey! what's up? i'm garbagegod, but you can call me garb for short. i'm a young adult and an artist. i have a tendency to craft stuff whenever i'm bored and get my hands on materials. i enjoy writing, whether that'd be stories, documenting information, or silly things like fanfic. practically grew up on the internet and often hung out on old games during their prime. i have a passion for collectin... » Continue Reading

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A question for spacehey users

Category: Quiz/Survey

i've been thinking about writing in-depth articles and/or research papers on spacehey to get back into the swing of journalism. i want to cover topics regarding the internet's transformation, mental health, and really any topic that catches my interest in general. they'd have proper grammar, and be in depth with citations and sources. not sure if i'd put it in any sort of proper format, since it's... » Continue Reading

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Thoughts regarding the Internet - a POV from someone who grew up on it

Category: Blogging

hey, first blog post on this site. coming back to this site made me realize something. ranting ahead, so just a heads up. the internet has changed a lot since i was a kid. "no shit," but it's jarring how much more liberating sites like this are compared to mainstream standards. and just how hard it is to find them. you can only seem to find these places through word of mouth. i absolutely loathe h... » Continue Reading

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