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Thoughts regarding the Internet - a POV from someone who grew up on it

hey, first blog post on this site. coming back to this site made me realize something.

ranting ahead, so just a heads up.

the internet has changed a lot since i was a kid. "no shit," but it's jarring how much more liberating sites like this are compared to mainstream standards.

and just how hard it is to find them. you can only seem to find these places through word of mouth.

i absolutely loathe how the algorithms have changed. even with having adblocks installed, the way everything is programmed in is so intrusive. the artstyle of all the sites have changed to copy-paste, sterile, round edges. everything is minimalist now and i absolutely despise it. where's the creative freedom? where's the fun websites small bands would make to advertise their work? now everything is just twitter, or youtube, or some other major site. no options whatsoever.
not to mention how intrusive everything is. i can't sign up to any site without it automatically turning tracking on, having a bunch of TOS and privacy notices that essentially summarize to "hey! we don't give a fuck about your privacy! we will make money off of your existence!" and it's frustrating!
everything seems to be a big advertisement. it BLOWS. i want to watch my old favorite videos from the 2000s on youtube, but their shitty algorithm prioritizes businesses consistently uploading rather than quality animations or cool songs.
not to mention how political some sites can get. leads to a lot of alternative websites becoming just as much as a right-wing shithole to their left-wing counterparts.

at least this site seems to be different. this, and neocities are both a relief from the typical internet stuff that's been shoved down my throat. might get check different protocols to connect with different individuals. maybe tor has some interesting individuals?

i've been wanting to get back into writing articles and/or periodicals, so i might post some of my stuff here for shits and giggles. whether that'd be rants, or full blown papers with research. might host some discussions on some serious topics too and see what everyone thinks about it.

if you've read this far, thank you for reading! now that there's an app, i can visit this place more often until i get my computer back. if you want to suggest any discussion ideas, feel free to do so in the comments!

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fish :B

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You should check out Co-Host too! It’s an alternative social media site that's like tumblr, it's pretty tightnit but in a good way imo.

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Just a few days ago I read a blog post listing the differences between a browser and search engine, then today found a lovely review of a McDonalds meal, and earlier a link to indie bands. This is truly the best of the internet.

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that sounds pretty interesting!
this site really seems to have a lot of variety, which is one of the reasons why i genuinely enjoy the atmosphere of this place. the community seems laid back, too--at least from my personal experiences.

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