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Category: Life

neurotypicals will never be able to understand what it feels like to be mischaracterized, misunderstood, talked down to, ridiculed, to be the butt of a joke (and being FULLY FUCKING AWARE OF IT), or singled out just because we communicate differently. they will never understand the anguish neurodivergent people go through on a daily basis.  for us neurodivergent people, getting up in the morning o... » Continue Reading

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reasons why little big planet 3 sucks

Category: Games

littlebigplanet 3 is an entire mess. the game is buggy as fuck, takes forever to load and you have to  CONSTANTLY  reset your outfit in order to play in online multiplayer mode without diverging. this game was set out for failure before it was even officially released. while i'll admit it wasn't  entirely  sumo digitals fault as sony rushed them to finish before a set deadline ( » Continue Reading

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