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Good Vibes and Warm Prayers Please

Category: Life

Welp. So, my Memaw is currently in a hospital out of state. We have come to visit her and will be with her for a few days. She got sick a while back and we thought it was nothing. She has an extensive history of cardiac problems and has had a stroke before. She also has COPD and has had some lung nodules for some time. Most of my family including her comes from a medical background and we thought ... » Continue Reading

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Category: Romance and Relationships

Sooooo Mikey and I are talkingggg. He's the mystery boy that I've been been blogging about XD! We've been talking for a while and I think he's gonna ask me out soon. I'm so excited! He is soooo adorable, like he is so my type. He's funny, kind, caring, amazing, cute, and just perfect. I love talking to him. Its so easy. I got my schedule changed at school so now I have lunch w him, anddd he has jo... » Continue Reading

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My Story.

Category: Life

So, I've decided that I'm going to start blogging more about my walk with Christ. I really wanna do this, not only for my benefit, but also in the hopes that maybe sharing my story and what I learn along the way will inspire people and answer some questions. Well, if you guys didn't know, I'm from south Alabama. I'm a teenager (not going to disclose for privacy reasons lol.) Most could probably as... » Continue Reading

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Category: Life

YOOOO! So things are highkey going so good fur me rn! Im so not used to being this happy all the time. Ive made so many new friends and even reconnected with some old ones and im so glad. Ive finally realized that whenever it come to friends, its always quality over quantity. After spending about a month with no friends or people to talk to, it made me closer to the people that I actually wanna ke... » Continue Reading

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This guy

Category: Romance and Relationships

Soooo basically i cant tell if really like this guy or if he’s my best friend. Like i know he's my bestie and he’s so cute but i really don't know if i should pursue that because we’ve went out before and that didn’t really work out, it wasn’t bc of him though :( Anywaysss, im gonna get us matching bracelets and i love the fact that i 100% know that hes gonna love em bc he showed me them before. T... » Continue Reading

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Why is making friends so hard?

Category: Friends

I rlly just need some friends that wanna skate or just chill and listen to music. Like idk whats so hard about that. It's probably because I'm from the south so like all anyone listens to is country and they're all like bumpkins. Don't get me wrong I love the woods and stuff but it just feels like where I'm from, everyone is just like sooooo behind. But whatever. Sincerely - Your Vamp Friend » Continue Reading

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I forgot abt this XD

Category: Blogging

Hey yall! Yes, I know that makes me sound really country but, southern goth is in! Anyways, so hiii. My first blog entry like ever so yayyyy, dont look at how long ive had this account tho lol. So here i am XD hmu if you wanna chat cause im a lonely dinosaur » Continue Reading

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