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e-release from July on Silent Method's Bandcamp>>>>

Category: Music

well golly.  we did this little e-release thing (no physical versions, rather unlike us) through Silent Method back in July, and it would seem that we don't have any current links to it so: here it is give it a spin if you are looking for something to jam t'>>>>>>> » Continue Reading

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FEMUR IN MY MARKETPLACE stream up for post-stream viewing>>>>>

Category: Music

such a rad batch of weirdo jammers. fave Covid-era stream, easy. ahhh. nearly all of the individual videos are linked here. go down the rabbit hole. yuhhhhhhhhh. . line-up to encourage clicking on the above link: Moth Cock, Karen Constance, Bromp Treb, Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase, the Three-Brained Robot, Coping Strategies, Forrest Friends, Sponsored Trash Puppet Theater, Milk Peanut -- plus some prev... » Continue Reading

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ah, Bandcamp page, btw.>>>>

Category: Music

huh. didn't want to embed the bandcamp in the main page, but there is some stuff there that is more multi-tracked and less live, that we are super happy with, etc. hayyyyyy, the link to our bandcamp stuff is here>>>>>>>>>>>> » Continue Reading

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Category: Religion and Philosophy

Space/Hay zone. ¯\_(😷)_/¯ we're passing a Tascam 8-track back and forth for the Winter.... for eventual release, probably on Chocolate Monk? and as much as we miss touring, might be a while yet, but definitely thinking about outdoor guerrilla/generator sets in Seattle (and perhaps elsewhere around th' NW?) in 2021, to a super limited amount of folks, etc.... friend us here for future tour shet, et... » Continue Reading

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