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where to find me!!!

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first and foremost, please commission me if you have the money! check out the info here! socials i have a lot of them, but i'll bold the ones i'm most active on! quotev -  rezero discord - pinkiedash pinterest - asexualemu twitter - asexualemu tumblr - emilias-wife spotify - genesis undertale art instagram - petra.chor myanimelist - emiliaswife everskies - asexualemu games switch: SW-1085-7179-431... » Continue Reading

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Category: SpaceHey

about me! here's a more thorough about! i'm petra!! i also go by gen, or by chara (pronounced however u would pronounce chara undertale's name, but i specifically pronounce it ch-ah-ra)!! i go by she/they/it/any neopronouns at all! i am asexual biromantic! i'm also autistic and adhd :] i like taking personality tests even if i don't know a lot about them outside of my own results. i'm enfp 7w6 tri... » Continue Reading

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