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about me!

here's a more thorough about!

i'm petra!! i also go by gen, or by chara (pronounced however u would pronounce chara undertale's name, but i specifically pronounce it ch-ah-ra)!!

i go by she/they/it/any neopronouns at all! i am asexual biromantic!

i'm also autistic and adhd :]

i like taking personality tests even if i don't know a lot about them outside of my own results. i'm enfp 7w6 tritype 749 sluan neutral good and... a scorpio but i don't really care for astrology

dni/things to note

umm for the dni its just basic stuff. racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, etc. 

also dni if you're proship or if u refer to child characters as lolis (even if u don't mean any harm by it, just call them children is it really so hard) that shit's gross

anyway i'm 20 (turning 21 this month) so please follow at your own risk!! if you have on your profile that you're younger than 16 i will not accept your friend request, i apologize!

i do not tolerate being infantilized. please do not treat me like a child, whether i'm younger than you or not, thank you!!

just please be patient with me in general! especially being new to this site i don't really know the conduct and stuff like that, so if i make a mistake, feel free to correct me but just don't be rude about it

other stuff!

i am a selfshipper >:) i'm married to zen (mystic messenger), emilia (re:zero), and ganyu (genshin impact) here is my full list of comforts!!

i also kin, though it's for coping and not a spiritual thing! and here is my kinlist!!


this is my dog fischl she's 2 as of this month and she is incredibly ugly

thank you for reading!! please be my friend!!!!!!

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i will not be your friend. also your dog is ugly as hell

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spacehey hates tone tags fsr so you decide if i'm joking!

by bandit; ; Report

you're not!

by petra; ; Report

im not ur friend or im not joking?

by bandit; ; Report

both but i meant you're not joking

by petra; ; Report

damn *removes the kudos i gave u*

by bandit; ; Report