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It appears CERN opened up another portal recently, causing more demons to be freed from the abyss so they can wreak havoc on the timeline and cause general chaos. This probably happened on November 25th, 2023 and went mostly unnoticed until a few days ago. I will admit it put quite a dent in my plans, like I said in my previous post I was looking forward to having another shroom trip soon, but it looks like that will have to wait for a bit. I've been itching to have a good heroic dose of lsd or shrooms recently and the delay in my plans probably means I should hold off until I'm able to buy more. It's ableist to think people who were diagnosed with mental issues shouldn't have access to psychedelics that are stronger than weed. I know the true reason they're trying to restrict my access is probably because the simulation doesn't want me breaking out of this dimension of the simulation, but still I can't help but to feel discriminated against because of it. I've also noticed more strange behavior from people and also another Mandela effect I don't feel like elaborating on right now since the portal was opened up.

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