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dear diary. today i did something i have never done before in my entire life: enjoyed rain. i have always been neutral about rain when i’m inside. but outside i have always thought it to be very miserable to exist it. however tonight as i was walking to the store to get brownie mix and fruit for me and my brother, i felt it to be enchanting and kind of beautiful. all the neon signs and food truck displays shone onto the street and everybody everywhere was hurriedly walking to their destination. and perhaps it was the fact that the temperature was comfortable, and i was wearing my boots with my big socks so my feet weren’t cold or wet, and i had nice ambient music on, but it really truly was a nice sight. if this scenario could happen with snow, maybe i could even learn to like that. i am hoping it doesn’t snow this year though. 

i am really thankful for my brother. though he is not my brother by blood, i’ve just never had a sibling before. we made brownies (poorly, but they are great) and i redid his hair dye and we are tying really hard to make a home out of this shit apartment. i am sad i have to leave him next summer. not that i’m moving, just moving out of here, because i really do need my own space. i just don’t think i’ve ever had a bond like this in my life. it is cool. life is cool.


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