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blinkie, buttons and stamps sources!!!

hello internet friends!!

I've added A LOT of stamps, blinkies and buttons to my profile!! feel free to check it out and maybe even take some directly from my profile :]

old blinkies have been moved to my interests section!! >_< also my profile works WAY better in desktop as it was intended to be seen that way!

you can find stuff like vocaloid, plushies, vampires, old, scene, emo, LGBTQ+, old web, etc!! :3

I've also added some art of my oc that you can see by hovering over it!

u can find it in this section of my profile, you just have to scroll to see everything! (wait for picture to load please <3)

i'm slowly learning more to make my profile more interactive YAAAAAY!! if anyone wants any codes for anything you see in my profile feel free to message me :D

sources for blinkies, buttons and stamps:

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8

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