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Stamps, Blinkies, and Buttons.

OKAY! I have a shit ton of these on my website, I'll add more stamps to my neocities basically everyday, but I'm not adding any more here (unless you want). Some of the buttons are links to sites, which may actually not work I haven't tested them. I just copy-pasted this from my site.

To take them you have to right click on them, press "open image in new tab" (or if it's a link to a site check the site out) and then copy and paste the link. Add it to your profile or site with 

<img src="URL"> 

no credit needed, kudos appreciated. 

Where I get my stamps/Buttons from:

I get them from all over the internet, sometimes i just nick them off profiles.

i get my stamps and buttons here;

and don't even use blinkies but HERE!!




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the "say person!" stamp is golden

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probs using!

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Salmon 🏳️‍⚧️ 🐟

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stealing a crap tonna these

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i stole most of em dw

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heyy i js wanna know if adding buttons is the same as adding blinkies & stamps cuz idk how to add buttons yet!^^

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its just basic html, it's not different :>. Just

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Ne0n!! [auto muzic]

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heyy, do ya know if theres a code or smt to add the stamps n all too? or like how to put them on ur profile? sryy!

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say i was to add the first stamp, I would right click, open in new tab, get the link and go onto the about me section and put

if size needs to be changed add height="#" or width="#" (replace # with number)

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hh tysmm! ive been having issues with it all so ty n imma go try thiz :]

by Ne0n!! [auto muzic]; ; Report