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Day 51 of improving myself for my own sake *gasp*

Surprising title! I know. I did some re-evaluating today and I have decided that maybe there's some room for change. First of all, I'm changing some of the sections but it's mostly the same as usual, just some minor tweaks which I'll go through. Next, I feel that maybe it's counterproductive to improve myself for someone else and I've realized that doing my little routine and completing my tasks makes me feel good so I should do it for myself, I don't need some sort of excuse to want to improve myself yk? Let's get into it, I'll talk more about it later on in the post. 

Exercise - this one's been here forever. I did a full workout today, my stomach hurts and my legs hurt even more. I did try to eat healthy today and I did. No soda and no snacks. Snacks are fine but I tend to eat them passively and then without realizing, I eat an entire packet and I had 3 meals. Very good, very healthy, leg day is a pain. 

Read - I read a lot of The Republic by Plato and I realized that maybe this book which people love so much by a philosopher who is widely considered to be very wise, is a good book. Who would've thought? It's actually speaking some truth on justice and what it truly means because it's such a nuanced and prevalent concept. I'm actually enjoying it, I'm more than half way through the first book out of 10, should take me 20 days to finish at minimum.

Writing - wrote more of my review and I'm really happy with it so far, we're at the 1000 word count and I'm happy with the rhetoric and style that it has so far, can't wait to get it out there. 

Learn something new - this is basically the learning category but I want to learn more, I've kind of just been watching random YouTube videos and then just regurgitating the info from them but I want to actively learn and do research on something. Today, I learnt about like analog life or whatever it was called and it started with this video where this dude traded in his cellphone for a flip phone which could only be used to call people and it's really interesting, he didn't do it in a preachy or boomer way either. I thought that I'd just watch but I've come to the realization that I use my phone too much and I did plenty more research on this type of challenge and I think the point is removing convenience. Nothing wrong with convenience but sometimes we need to work for things and not everything needs to be at our fingertips. I've decided that I want to use my phone less and I've started using my diary as a replacement for my notes app, maybe little by little, I'd like to remove the urgency for a phone by replacing all the features with something more enriching like in one of the videos, this guy bought a cheap camera to replace his phone camera. I'm thinking of picking one up for myself. 

Guitar - I practiced guitar, rather aimlessly but I did practice guitar today. I tried learning Every Breath You Take by The Police, I really tried but it's so difficult, how did this guy do it? It was a failed attempt, I'll try again some other time. 

Drawing - I drew another spread and I'm actually really happy with myself, I'm drawing really well actually. I have faith in my art abilities again. I'm still learning anatomy but I'm trying to put more time into my drawings. I've mentioned in passing that I used to do caricatures. So, lore drop, every Saturday there was this Market at a mall slightly out of town where random people could sell stuff and when I was just starting high-school, I tried learning how to draw caricatures and speed was a priority, speed and confidence. My one piece of art advice is to draw with confidence. Anyway, I prepared myself to draw people quickly and to draw well so I can draw incredibly fast, if you want me to doodle something, I can do it in 30 seconds or less. The problem is that I sacrifice detail and I've been telling myself that it's OK to slow down with it. Now that I've been drawing slower, my drawings have been turning out better.

Do something! - this is a very flexible category but I want to do something that I usually wouldn't and something outside of the tasks I've set for myself. It could replace the social part, like I said, it's very flexible. Today, what I did was purge my phone of most of my social media and unnecessary apps, they were really weighing me down and I've spent a lot less time on my phone today because of it and I can actually enjoy accomplishing these tasks every day. Anyone who knows me on a personal level knows that I'm more of a Rolling Stones fan than a Beatles fan and I used to resonate with their song I Can't Get No (Satisfaction) because I was unsatisfied with myself and how much time I was spending on my phone. I don't know how to articulate it but I feel lighter and satisfied after deleting 24 gigs worth of apps. I'm not gonna get a flip phone or anything but this is good for now. 

Journal - I wrote in my journal today. I've been neglecting it but something tells me that I'm gonna use it more often these days because of how I'm replacing my notes app and I've used it a bunch today, I practically always have it on me. I wrote what I wrote in the above category in my journal.

Relaxation - this is where I would put media consumption, I'm saving this for the end of the day when I finish all of my tasks. I read some Fire Punch today and like usual it was amazing and I'm gonna watch The Sopranos after I finish writing this.

Thank you for reading this, I can't believe a video about a dude buying a flip phone influenced me so greatly. Anyway my sister is banking school tomorrow so maybe we'll just chill for the whole day. I've been thinking of buying myself a tiny camera for taking photos and stuff. Also, I think maybe the folks here on Spacehey are kind of similar to those guys living the analog life, with retro tech and all that jazz and retro tech has always interested me but I mostly like it for the aesthetics but this is the first time I'm thinking of it from a productivity standpoint. It's interesting, maybe the SpaceHey crowd will do really well with a flipphone instead of a smart phone, ya'll love retro tech. Maybe I'll get one for if I don't want to have my cell on me but of course I need a phone for calling Because emergencies do occur. I'll think about it, or maybe I can have a flip phone for the mornings or school and leave my real phone at home or if I'm hiking idk. I'm just trying to be less dependent on my phone. Really unrelated to this whole topic but I saw this image that PETA tweeted and I don't endorse PETA but this is actually so funny to me, like why is this actually a really cool photo, it goes hard feel free to Screenshot.

Turkeys go hard, feel free to screenshot

Anyway, too da loo!

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omg so much stuff today O_O awesome entry as usual but I’m ngl my eyes widened at the title change

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Thank you. I surprised even myself with the title change

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