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Day 50 of improving myself until I get a girlfriend! (Woo)

Alright, Campers, it is day 50. For such a monumentus occasion, I really wanted to actually try and complete all my tasks to the best of my ability and I kind of did. I can't believe it's been so long. Thank you all for sticking with it and for reading and all that jazz. Let's get into it.

For learning, I decided to watch a video on rhetoric because I have debate tomorrow and it's really interesting actually. These concepts from the ancient Greek times on how to convey your opinions successfully that are still useful today. No wonder my coach made me read The Republic, I thought it was irrelevant but learning about all this rhetoric stuff made me realize that maybe it might still be relevant today. 

I wrote 500 words today, I usually write more but thats a good yield for today, I think. I was gonna write wayyy less but then I read a review on Death Note by this one guy and it just motivated me to write more for my review. Oh yeah, I started my next review, I gotta finish it by Thursday but I'm making great progress. Here's the review I mentioned. Give it a read (only if you feel like it ofc), I think this guy is a great writer! 

Ok, media consumption time. I read Fire Punch and I finally got to the scene! The famous one where he does the face. It was a very good stretch of chapters but very different from what I've come to expect from Fire Punch. I'll be honest though, even though that chapter was supposed to be emotional and like such a pivotal moment for the main character but I laughed so hard, I could not stop laughing. It's building up to this emotional climax and BOOM! JUMPSCARE! 

Funny Agni face

I also watched This Gun For Hire, it's a very good noir film about a hired gun on the run, I highly recommend it, even though it was made in 1942, it still holds up. Then, I finished Arrested Development season 1, finally. That was an amazing first season, it's just so funny. I don't know how it manages to be so funny and have every joke land and cram so much into just 21 minutes. I'm gonna watch the second season of The Sopranos next because my parents want me to watch that show. 

Don't have to study anymore, so I didn't.

I mostly socialized with my friend today, I got a ride home with him and we chatted about random stuff like the games we bought on steam for black Friday. To anyone interested, I got half life completely free, it was a bargain. Those car rides feel so short when I'm talking to him, as soon as I can this holiday, we're gonna go out to a Cafe or something and just chat for hours. I can't wait! 

I drew today, it was a good spread. I drew some anatomy and I drew some goofy doodles. I actually feel like I'm improving at this, I still have a way to go but I'm actually getting somewhere. Sometimes art feels so pointless to me but now that I'm actually seeing improvement, it doesn't seem so pointless to me. Art is fun now. Not so fun that I actually like design classes (except design theory and history, love that!) But fun enough that I enjoy drawing again for the first time since I started high-school. 

I only managed to read one chapter of Catch 22. That book is still really confusing but it's creatively written, it's so fun to find all the contradictions and everything, i love it! I'll read more tomorrow, probably have to for debate.

I also did my exercise for the day. I have very light exercise that I do every day just to keep myself  fit and then if I have time, I add onto that. I did not have time. I ate well today but I'm really bloated, I just had dinner and it was good but man, I ate too much, I feel sick, I need water. Also, I made a bulletin post about coffee and ice-cream and I was so proud of myself but it turns out that maybe coffee and ice-cream was not good for my lactose intolerant stomach and to add insult to injury, the milk was expired. The very minute after I wrote that bulletin, I ran to the toilet. Just be careful with milk expiration dates. So that was as unhealthy as today got. If I had a nickel for every time, I accidentally gave myself stomach cramps because I was too negligent while preparing something for myself to consume, I'd have two nickels which isn't a lot but it's still weird that it happened twice. Let's keep it at two though.

That's it for today. Thank you for reading. I can't believe I made it to day 50, I'm grateful for everyone who reads these, whether you comment, leave kudos or even just read it, I appreciate it. I appreciate this site too, I love it. I actually found Spacehey through tiktok which is embarrassing but what do you want me to do? Lie. I'm not doing that, these blogs were kind of supposed to be more honest about the self improvement process, my science teacher once told me that improvement is never a straight line, there's plenty of deviations and troughs and crests, highs and lows. I was someone who was very unhappy with myself a few years ago and I found myself sucked into a pit of self improvement and when i didn't meet the unrealistic self improvement vlogs, I felt even worse about myself. I'm just trying to show honesty with these posts and all that. I have to document the good days as well as the bad ones. Also, I got the badge, I didn't even notice for a whole day. I saw various bulletins and blogs of others who have also gotten the badge and I almost commented something like "that's so cool that you got the badge, I missed the bus on it" on all of those but I forgot, if I did type that comment on any post, that would've been embarrassing. But no, I have the badge, very cool. I feel elite. Anyway, see ya Campers. Have a good one.

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damn im late but YESSS CONGRATS

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yayayyy congrats on day 50!!! i admire your dedication!!! I found spacehey on everskies.. (which I am now banned from LMAO)

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