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music phases pt. 2

Potential tw: briefly mentions s/h

Continuing from music phases pt. 1:

In 6th grade, I was introduced (well kind of re-introduced because a few of their songs were on my alt grunge playlist thing) to My Chemical Romance. My friends were super into the song Teenagers, so I listened to it because I wanted to have something in common with them. The problem was that this time around with this music phase beginning, I did not have my computer because my parents realized it was bad that I was chronically online, so they just completely restricted me from any kind of technology. So, the only way I could listen to Teenagers was on my house speaker Google thing. Every morning without fail, I would wake up and wait for the adults to leave my house and I would blast Teenagers on full volume downstairs in my kitchen. I'm just glad they didn't see me dancing around in the kitchen, because goddamn, it was BAD.

Eventually, I got more into MCR and got an mp3 player (so I could listen to music... without internet access-). I asked my dad if I could buy myself the Welcome to the Black Parade album, but he did some research and stumbled upon this article saying MCR will make me join an emo cult and kms. THAT PISSED ME OFF SO MUCH FGHJKLKJHGF!!!!! My dad fell for the emo cult bit where parents who don't like emo kids try to convince everyone their music is the devil. So, no more MCR for me. But I did have two Fall Out Boy albums; American Beauty/American Psycho and Save Rock and Roll. Those were hella good albums, but since I basically had no other music on my mp3 player, those were the only things I could listen to and it got old.

After about a year, my mom found out about me s/h'ing and asked what she could do to support me, and my sneaky ass was like, "M-My Chemical Romance is the only thing that makes me happy..." Just fyi, I wasn't s/h'ing because I didn't get to listen to MCR, it was for other reasons, but I took advantage of a shitty situation. Anyway, sure enough, I got myself two albums- Welcome to the Black Parade and Danger Days. At this point, I could call myself an MCR fan without being called a poser, since I could actually listen to some of their music.

About half a year later, I finally got my parents to slightly get off my ass about using my computer and I was able to get Spotify✨ (our lord and savior). I didn't want to listen to music I already had on my mp3 player since my internet time was so limited. I searched for music and playlists I listened to with my friends when I hung out with them, and eventually I had about fifteen three-hour long themed playlists made with all of the songs I found. But this was a different genre of music than what I've been listening to. It definitely wasn't mainstream, but it wasn't really like grunge or emo or anything. There weren't really specific bands I listened to anymore, either, it was more like themed playlists with indie music and like maybe a few older pop songs. The playlists were usually called like "Villain Mode" or like "pov: something something idk" and I liked all of these playlists because they made me feel like a badass. Now we're at present day, and I'd say the main artists I listen to are Bo Burnham, tiLLie, Jack Stauber, MARINA, My Chemical Romance, NOAHFINNCE, and a bunch of musicals (RTC, Mean Girls, Beetlejuice). My personal computer stopped working (sadly) and so I'm just basically listening to YouTube playlists and what I have downloaded on my flip phone (teehee upgrade from the mp3 player-).

So yeah. The end :/

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