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Synchronicities I've experienced involving the number 7

Throughout my life, the number 7 has come up in my life in strange ways. In this post, I will write about some of the strange experiences I've had related to the number. Aside from the fact 7 is viewed as a lucky number and there are many examples that are clearly visible to people, including the number of continents that supposedly exist and the weird mark people have on their hands that looks like the number 7.

I've known at least 2 people who were obsessed with that number to the point where I would joke about it with one of them, and the other even told me 7 is the reason the universe exists.

Another synchronicity I noticed involving the number happened in 2017. I don't remember exactly when, but one day in that year I was scrolling through my phone and came across a weird conversation I supposedly had with one of the contacts that I had in my phone at the time for some reason. I have no idea who it was, but their name in my phone was literally 7 and I supposedly told them I was on my way, and they asked my eta but I didn't answer. I have no memory of sending that message, if I did I have no idea where I would have been going or why their name in my phone was just the number 7. I also had a weird experience during July that year while my paranoia was pretty bad, I also had a very traumatic nde in July 2018 which I've talked about. There's also that evil satanic ritual that happens in July in another country, which I've also talked about.

Another strange experience I had involving this number happened in 2020, not sure exactly when but I think it was sometime in either spring or summer that year. During this experience I was taking a walk while someone on his bike went by. They appeared to be talking to someone on the phone, like I guess they had a wireless connection or something like that. I could barely hear what they were saying but they were talking pretty loudly, and one thing I remember I remember him saying was "well if there's only 7, he can't hide anywhere". That just freaked me out, especially because I'm a targeted individual who feels like solipsism or something similar could be true. It seemed like they could have been alluding to the possibility there's only 7 people who are real.

There's also fact this year, 2023 adds up to the number 7 which is kinda weird. The most recent experience I remember involving this number happened a few days ago while I was scrolling through a facebook group about the simulation, and someone randomly brought up the 7 person theory, which reminded me of the experience I had in 2020. Those are all the examples I can think of showing how 7 has shown up in my life in some very strange ways.

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