Joke of the week #3

A little boy was playing in his parent's room, when his mother comes home unexpectedly. Knowing he's not supposed to play in his parent's room, he hides in the closet. His mother comes in, kissing a man who wasn't his father. He watches for a few minutes, when his father comes home. The mother shoves the man into the closet and goes downstairs to greet her husband.

"Dark in here" says the boy, startling the man.

"Yeah" says the man, regaining his composure.

The boy asks "Do you want to buy my baseball glove? $100."

"Are you kidding? That's ridiculous!" The man replies

"That's okay, I'm sure my dad will give me at least that much when I tell him you're in here" the boy says. The man lets out a groan, hands over the money, and escapes out the window.

The next week, the boy is, again, playing in his parent's room, when his mother comes home with the same man. The boy hides in the closet until his dad gets home and his mother, again, shoves the man into the closet.

"Dark in here" the boy says. "Want to buy my baseball bat?"

The man sighs, knowing the drill. "how much?" He asks.

"$150" the boy replies. The man groans and hands over the cash and escapes out the window.

The next day the boy's mother sees him sitting at the table, bored. "Why don't you go outside and play baseball with your friends?" She asks.

"I sold my bat and glove" he responds.

His mother, annoyed, asks how much he sold them for, to which he replied "$250"

Shocked, his mother starts to yell at him. "$250? I can't believe you would charge your friends that much for a bat and glove! I'm taking you to the church so you can confess your sins!"

They drive to the church, and the boy enters the confession booth.

"Dark in here" he says

The priest replies, "watch it kid, you're in my closet now" 

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ι always forget this punchline. thank you. good.

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Glad you enjoyed

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