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My thoughts about Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a satanic holiday that celebrates genocide of humans and turkeys. The origins involve supposedly feasting with Native Americans while the government was also waging war on them. Currently it celebrates the genocide of other animal species, mostly turkeys. The "turkey pardoning" tradition that happens before is particularly disturbing, turkeys who are "pardoned" are likely to have feelings of survivor's guilt and it's also designed to make things worse for the turkeys who aren't "pardoned". I celebrate other aspects of Thanksgiving, other vegans do it as well and sometimes we call it Thanksliving. Even though I celebrate it to some degree, I'm completely against the celebration of genocide aspect. Most of the other major holidays, including Christmas (originally based on a Roman holiday worshipping Saturn) and Halloween, which is the worst in my opinion. Holidays like this were were originally founded by freemasons, an organization that's luciferianism and satanism in disguise. From what I can tell freemasons made some kind of agreement with the interdimensional demons who run the simulation, and now they're in control of pretty much everything including the government, which isn't a good thing. Anyway I hope everyone enjoys their holidays, just wanted to share my views on the true nature of this holiday. I wish it wasn't a thing, but now that it is some aspects are worth celebrating and I use it mostly as another excuse to get high. I also celebrate the feasting part of it somewhat in a vegan way, although I still get paranoid about food in general being a trap to keep me stuck in the simulation. My current paranoia about food isn't as bad as it used to be, I don't need to be put in a psych ward again but sometimes eating food just feels weird. Idk if anyone can relate to how I feel about this holiday, I figured it would be good to share my thoughts though.

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