Stop pressuring tony crynight to make five nights at freddy's animations/complaining about his animations not being that good

This has been a problem that has been going on for a while and it's starting to drive me insane.

So you know how there's a lot of people that get bothered at the fact that tony crynight takes a while to make animations (Usually takes about a month to make one on average by the way)? And you know how some people get pissed off whenever the animation that does finally get posted is short?

Well, if you were one of those people, respectfully, shut the fuck up. like actually

literally I've seen WAY TOO MANY comments on Tony's posts saying "when are you gonna finish the series???" "When season 2 part 4????" Meh meh meh meh meh-- basically the same shit that was happening when Tony's series was starting to get popular, you know?

None of those mother fuckers EVER take the time to consider all the shit tony probably had to go through to get from where he was then to where he is now. Nobody ever considers how tony had to get inspiration from people that are working in Walt Disney type shit, how tony had to go to fucking college to learn how to fucking draw as good as he does, how he had to teach himself to animate the way he does, how he had to get the right graphics tablet, program, you know, animation shit, and how he had to WORK for the popularity he has now.

HELL, as far as anyone is aware, he's probably overworking so that he can try his best to satisfy those fuckers that have the highest fucking expectations for him.

Literally I'm so fucking sick of tony spending every second of his day just animating some silly fnaf cartoon for people, already exhausted, only for "fans" to demand more out of him and point out even TINY errors (the animation style, a character missing a particular feature, a weird glitch in the animation, etc. just to name a few), and when he finally can't meet their expectations anymore, people basically stop supporting him as if he just fucking groomed some kid. Like genuinely, what the FUCK??

this situation has gotten so bad to the point someone went as far as literally THREATENING TO OBTAIN TONY'S ADDRESS AND "Meet him in person" over the animations, and let me tell you, if i were an animator as popular as tony and saw that someone threatened to get my address, i'd be fucking horrified and call the police if they showed up at my house.

And this doesn't apply to just tony, basically ANYONE that makes things for people (animations, games, music, movies, books... Just about any sort of content that gets popular). I'm so sick of the bar being so fucking high for really good creators like tony, because nobody ever takes the time to consider that maybe their value is more than the shit they make (and yes, I'm aware that some people are problematic and deserve being called out, but I'm not talking about them)

In the end, all I want to say is, if you think that tony isn't "working hard enough" on his animations, go fuck yourself, like actually. You cannot say you're a "tony crynight fan" when you pull this shit. I don't care if I get yelled at for this, just want to get this off my chest cause this has pissed me off for the past week now and i'm so fucking tired of seeing people complain about his animations in almost every comment section of his posts.

If you don't like his animations, consider unsubscribing from/unfollowing him and touching some grass.


-A tony crynight fan

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