I sent myself on a movie kick

yesterday I was despairing for... reasons and I randomly decided to watch ponyo since I know I watched it as a kid but I honestly didn't remember a single thing of the movie aside from the main character so I basically got to watch it for the first time again

it was really beautiful sweet and charming... that's just sort of the case with ghibli movies, no wonder they're so wildly popular and loved. it was such a nice innocent happy story

I remember at the end wondering what happened afterwards and what problems ponyo would probably have growing up and how many people she might have drowned unintentionally with her ocean but then I was like. it's a happy story with a happy end. there is no death here. like I don't need to insert real world dread into such a nice tale

but I suppose I also do need some real world dread to balance it out so I decided to watch a movie called memories of matsuko, which is different in about every way. live action, mature rated, with adult problems and adult consequences. it was really beautiful sweet and charming too though despite everything that happens...

I really think people should watch it so I don't want to spoil it but in summary matsuko's nephew who had never met her was asked by her dad to clean up her apartment after she died and he ends up learning about her life. there's like, suicide and physically abusive relationships so if you're sensitive to that stuff don't watch but if you can pleaseee do!

now I want to watch more movies since I'm despairing for reasons again but I'm not sure what to watch, if anyone has recommendations feel free to share, I like kind of absurd movies

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