Joke of the week #2

You'll have to forgive me for today's joke of the week, it is a bit crude.

A drifter was walking down a country road, when he came upon a farm. He went to the house, knocked on the door, and an old farmer answered. The drifter said he would give the farmer 3 days work in exchange for 3 meals a day and a place to sleep at night. The farmer agreed, but there was no room in the house, so he told the drifter he had to stay in the barn with the animals. The drifter agreed and put his pack down in the barn. 

At dinner that night the drifter told the farmer he had a special talent. "I can speak with animals" the drifter said. The farmer didn't believe him, and challenged him. "Talk with my cow tonight, have him tell you something only he would know" said the farmer. The drifter agreed, and they went to bed.

The next morning, the drifter wakes up for breakfast. They say Grace, and he tells the farmer "I spoke with your cow last night, she told me you come out to milk her every morning since your wife died." The farmer replied, "I would be impressed, but that's standard practice for most farmers. Try again tomorrow." They went on with their days, and as the sun set, they went to bed.

The next morning, the drifter comes into the house and sits down for breakfast. After they say Grace, he says to the farmer, "I spoke with your hen last night. She told me that ever since your wife died, you've come out every morning at the crack of dawn to collect her eggs. She also told me that the morning before I came, she laid 3 large eggs for you to collect." The farmer, still not satisfied, said "while that is true, it was just a lucky guess. You've seen that hen 2 mornings now, you should know that she is a heavy producer. Try again tomorrow." They again, went on with their days, and after dinner, they went to bed."

On the third morning, the drifter comes into the house for breakfast. They, again, say grace, before the drifter tells the farmer, "I spoke with your sheep last night-" the farmer cuts him off, telling the drifter "That sheep is a damn liar."

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