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random things that annoy me

1. when i'm with someone and they don't tell me if something is wrong like i have something between my teeth, lipstick on my teeth, i bled through, if my hair is messy etc. 

2. when u are standing next to an old person in the bus or in the train, they tell u to seat and then they complain about rude teens like granny or grandpa just sit there if u really need to and i'm not gonna tell u anything 

3. when u try to vent and someone just says "same" man i vented bc i needed ur help and support, not to hear that

4. when u get a coffee and it has this bad taste and it has too much water. these moments hurt and are annoying 

5. when i buy a donut that looks juicy and when i buy it there almost nothing inside it

6. when i put eye pencil on my waterline and it removes after 5 seconds, people with watery eyes will understand 

7. little kids that have ipads or iphones. ok ur parents have money and they are bad parents, congratulations 

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