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seasonal depression (i need a hug)

So as the title may suggest I have seasonal depression. I think It would be manageable if I didn't already have major depressive disorder.

It gets really cold and dark where I live, more than most other parts of the world. So essentially almost everyone gets depressed during autumn and winter. Which just fuels the depression more. Nothing is more miserable than being surrounded by miserable people.

So my ed has come back as well, something about being cold just triggers tf out of it (and TikTok). I just wanna go back to Paris or New York in the summertime. Probably less New York, it smells like piss and weed everywhere you go. But Paris smells like cigarettes and piss, so comme ci comme ca I guess.

Still, I miss going around and buying and eating anything I wanted. I miss feeling okay for just a moment.

Man, screw my mental problems >:(

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i'm sorry :( I get seasonal depression too and its no fun, I hope that summer rolls around soon, and just remember that even though almost everyone may get seasonal depression, there are still some that don't so its always good to surround yourself with people who feel like a bright sunshine in these dark times /pos

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thank you :) these months are hard for me, its nice that someone reached out. Thanks again ^^

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<3 do you have a discord? or we can just chat through messages. I would love to get closer to you!

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