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Reasons I feel the simulation is evil

I feel like some people could still be confused about where I stand on the nature of the simulation, so I'm writing this to clear things up. Even though I completely believe this is a simulation, I don't agree with how the creator is currently running it. I also don't agree with the idea of creating a simulation in the first place, especially since the creator likely knew what the consequences would be and probably did it just for "fun".

The first reason I feel like the simulation is evil is the fact most people aren't vegan yet. Veganism is the natural lifestyle for humans, and the fact most people haven't embraced this lifestyle yet is evidence this is an evil simulation. If the simulation was good people wouldn't even feel the need to murder other animals, yet they do it anyway just because it's a simulation. Even though some species of animals are mostly npcs, it doesn't make what people are doing to them right because npcs still have feelings and consciousness, just to a lesser extent than beings with a soul.

The second reason for the simulation being evil is that blood sacrifice is still a thing. War is basically mass human sacrifice, which is why the government is full of power hungry psychopaths who are trying to start world war 3. There's also the issue of animal sacrifice, which I've talked about in my blog post about the archon virus. People act like that stuff isn't happening even though it still goes on.

The third reason is the ratio of npcs to real people. For some reason the creator thought it would be a good idea to create a simulation with about 70% npc and 30% real people. Those numbers could be somewhat more or less than what they actually are, but it's a good estimate. On top of this the npcs were given unnecessary advantages over the real people, meaning the "game" is essentially rigged. This explains why I've always felt like the simulation is rigged against me, probably because it actually is.

The fourth reason is the fact that death is even a thing (at least we're brainwashed into thinking it is, making it real on some level). In a loving simulation death wouldn't even be a thing to begin with and everyone would be immortal, yet evidently it is. I actually feel like death is unnatural and was only introduced as a construct within the simulation after the archon virus destroyed the original simulation. This would mean in the original simulation we were all immortal until the infection took place.

Those are the four main reasons I feel like the simulation is evil. There's other reasons I feel this way but if I listed every reason this post would be extremely long, also those are the first four reasons I could think of off the top of my head. Also, just because it's an evil simulation doesn't mean people should go around doing evil things. Anyone who thinks that way is a npc and is only proving my point.

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Dan Krugs

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Just in case anyone else tries commenting on here telling me to take meds again, understand it's a complete waste of time and I will block you. I was on meds for over a year, they didn't work and some of the antipsychotics I was on actually made things worse. I cut off communication with my doctors months ago, and have no intention of ever communicating with them again. No one has the right to tell me to take meds again expecting me to actually do it, if they think telling that to an adult who's experienced the kinds of things I have is going to work, they must be delusional.

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I should also add that anyone who thinks it's ok to say something like that to me (or anyone who chooses not to take meds for whatever reason) should try telling that to David Icke or anyone else who talks about the evil simulation idea or anything similar. Believe it or not I'm not the only person who talks about this stuff, there are others yet for some reason I seem to get told I'm crazy more often than those people.

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Take your meds. You’re losing it.

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The nerve of some of the people on here who think they can tell me what to do is unbelievable. I don't go around telling other people what to do with their lives unless they're actively harming others. Does anyone actually think I would follow the advice of random people on the internet who tell me to do that kind of stuff?

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average schizopost

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Lol I'm assuming you're a npc. Real people usually don't comment on truthful posts like this calling it a "schizopost" (short for schizophrenia, something I was actually diagnosed with). Even if your accusation if me being schizophrenic is correct, which it is, it's something I don't really deny even though I don't agree with the diagnosis. So commenting on my post calling it a "schizopost" and not offering any constructive arguments either for or against my point is basically a waste of time.

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