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yoga is hard 11/9/23

for school i have yoga on thursdays and it is WILDLY hard. i dont hate yoga, but i dont love it either... today at the end though the instructor played a guided deep breathing thing/body scan to listen to and it just FREAKED me out. didnt like the voice i think. so i was all agitated and twitchy instead of remotely relaxed. but it was raining when i left the gym! so i ran around in that and got rid of the anxiety.

we dont have class tomorrow because of veterans day🙄 not sure what i'll do but mayyybe i can try and be productive. or i can just lay around and have an extra break day.

fall break is also coming up next week and the dining hall is closing COMPLETELY. thats my only source of food lmfao.. had to talk to my dad about it and figure out a plan for that. i think he's gonna give me some money for groceries and i can use the dorm kitchen and my brother's house to cook. im going to my parents' for thanksgiving as well so i can bring food home from that👍 so yeah it'll work out. but we're gonna have to do that for EVERY break oogughgg.

i have no idea what my summer is gonna look like.. its far enough out that i have no way of knowing what my life will be like. i really dont think i'll have the means to get an apartment on my own though. not without a miracle happening. theres a chance my dad will cover that again, but i dont want to count on it.

i have months for that to develop though. not worth worrying about now.

song of the day: metanoia by stomach book!!!!

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