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Day 30 of improving myself until I get a girlfriend

It's day 30 already, practically a month. That's pretty cool, consistency YEAH! that is the least dry that we will get in this post.

I was really unproductive, I was supposed to watch a movie today but I got busy and only watched half of it, there's always tomorrow I guess. I did watch some One Piece and that show takes me back, I'm currently watching through the Syrup Village arc or whatever it's called, the one with Usopp. 

I didn't study at all. I am in a very good stretch of exams where I do not have to study for anything. I wrote design today which is pretty easy if you know your stuff and its mostly application. I'll use this category to work on my project which is due Monday though.

Today I went to this event, it was my sister's prize giving at my Alma mater. It was nice seeing the old stomping grounds and it was nice to see my sister get an award. Listen, I also did some mingling with parents, specifically moms. The moms were so unbelievably attractive. Moms love polite teenagers from military schools. 

I read like a page in the car and I didn't have a chance to go home like I thought I would so I left most of my tasks undone.

I didn't Exercise, again, out for the whole day.

My diet was not so good today, I ate pretty poorly but I wrote from 1pm to 4pm and I had something after that but I just didn't have time. My parents keep nagging me about food and like what do they want me to do, I can't make myself hungry. I did get cake at one point today so that was good.

I didn't learn anything today either, atleast not that I can think of. Sorry, no advice, you're on your own for today.

I did, however, finish my short story which is actually something I can be proud of, I might publish it but I probably won't in the grand scheme of things. 

Also, I did do my hygiene but I didn't bath this evening. I thought that I'd bath when I got home but I got home at 9pm and it's too cold. I'm actually gonna get sick if I bath right now and it's supposed to be summer but is what it is.

Thank you for reading this one, 30 days. I just can't believe it. Anyway, today, I was a little unproductive but I did enjoy it. I'm above horniness I think but I am still a teenager, a teenager who loves older women. It's more of a respect than a romantic thing but this has kinda manifested In feelings of attraction towards older women. I blame Miss Honey from Matilda. Anyway, I was saying today was great because I spent the evening surrounded by older women and this one woman sat in front of me and kept turning around and smiling at me. Again, I don't want to come off as disrespectful to older women, I'm not one of those MILF lovers or step-mom fanatics, I simply just have a type and I love all older women equally and in a completely respectful manner. I would never use the word "hot" to describe them unless they were made of fire or something. Anyway, I don't exactly know how to salvage this blog post after professing my love for middle aged women so I'm just going to put the shovel down and call it a day.

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Slip_Moth always so based

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I can't deny it

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i thinks okay to respectfully have a type, yknow! and i dont think calling someone you find attractive hot is disrespectful in anyway. You seem to be respectful to not bother them or anything, and on top of that you’re polite and make sure to help them! Don’t overthink it, i think!

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Yeah, you're right

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