Nerves be hitting hard :(

Omg my surgery is in like 2 and a half weeks i'm so fuckin nervous like bruh wtf am i supposed to do??

I have to just patiently wait for it to get to that day and i just wanna cancel but i know i can't do that bc all the stuff is already planned :((
I guess i just have to fight through my intense fear of needles, anesthetics and surgery in general which is hard as fuck

Like i've had 3 surgeries before and i know how it goes but it scares me to not be in control of my own body yknow? I know it's not THAT invasive but it still scares me

Any tips to handle surgery fear y'all? QwQ

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Kind of a tip (ngl I hate Hospitals and surgery almost as much as the next person!) Best to keep yourself non-stop busy for the next 2 and a half weeks.
That's what I do and I usually forget all about it lol

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That's a good idea!!! Thank u :3

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tysm <3

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