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dni n whatevz

woah im finally making one of these after being on this site for like 2 years


- im autistic n will most likely need clarification on shit u say to me tone tags arent Required but theyre NICE but also i dont use them a lot bc i forget so u gotta tell me if u need that shit yk

- i curse a lot and have pretty nsfw humor ill put warnings on bulletins n whatnot but liek. yeah.

- i make kms/kys jokes a lot. like i am going to say shit like omg im gonna shoot myself or i will tell u to shoot urself. but like if ur uncomfortable w that, just tell me. im not an idiot, its a habit but i can refrain from it if its not okay with u. but like dont just block me over it with no explanation. Stares. 😐

- im kinda mean if i really like u. ik thats a bit backwards but i swear most of the time i say rude shit but its meant with love pls u have to understand im not actually a bitch i just never learned how to express my emotions please if i tell you i hate you and want you to die u have to understand that i love you dearly and ur like the most important thing to me. please. are we clear on this. oh my god.

- i say slurs THAT I CAN RECLAIM constantly im sorry but faggot is stuck in my vocabulary forever n i say stuff is retarded sometimes but i Wont like call u that or nothin yk

- uhh tbh i hate ims so if u wanna like Talk to me and Be My Friend u should liek add me on discord my user is aeonsnumber1fan (u dont have to do that tho like. i will respond to ims ill just hate it idk)

- i do vent a lot on bulletins bc im insane but pls do not feel pressured to comfort me or anything i literally js treat bulletins like a public diary u dont have to feel bad abt not saying anything or whatever

- i swear im actually a somewhat nice person i feel like i come off like an asshole from my dni list and the way i speak and whatever but i swear. im so cool. u should friend me. bc im awesome

- im not sorry for the length of my dni list or the fact that it’s mostly petty shit i am just so autistic abt that shit and i just cannot talk to mfs with different hcs than me. think whatever u want idrc but just dont come to me talking bout how cleon is the best ship or something bc my autistic ass will actually come to your house and fucking strangle you in your sleep


- queerphobe, proship, racist all that shit idk if ur an asshole just dont talk to me. or do so i can find ur location and fucking murder you i guess

- dsmp likers or whatever those minecrafters r idk the only exception is fuckin wilbur cuz i like his music idk

- uhh tee bee aych idc if ur an adult just dont be a Fucking Weirdo bc i genuinely will find ur location ill fucking swat u im not a pussy DO NOT EVEN TRY ME LIL BRO i am NAWT the mf u wanna try to manipulate or whatever yall pervs do bc i will genuinely dox u i do nawt care

- if u have bad opinions abt my favs dont fuckin talk to me bc my autistic wrath will find you and end you (umm heres a list of my opinions if u want to know all of it ig)

- if u ship leon w any woman except ada. and if u ship jill w any man except carlos please get the FUCK out i do NOT want to hear ur heterosexual bullshit (heavy on cleon valenfield and leshley shippers u guys are FREAKS!!!!!)

- dawg if u claim to be a resident evil fan but u just like re4r leon or something n dont know anything else abt any of the other games. either u can come to me seeking wisdom because i will infodump on u like NOBODYS BUSINESS, or u can get out and never speak to me bc bitches that only think leons hot n arent willing to learn anything else abt the games r fucking annoying

- metaltango enjoyers i dont care if its petty to dni over ships i do not want to see that fuck ass faggotry (although ik i have some mooties that like this bullshit so if we're already friends i GUESS i can overlook it 🙄 just dont say anything about krauser and we'll be okay. i literally hate krauser.)

- followup to the last one krauser enjoyers in general just dont talk to me i hate that man so much AND IF U THINK HES HOT PLS SEEK HELP GET A THERAPIST IMMEDIATELY. OH MY GOD


- you dumb ass tcc bitches that think real life serial killers and shooters and whatever r hot and cool and sexy. DO NOT mistake me for one of you. just because zero day is in my interests does NOT mean i want to see your dylric yaoi art. im not fucking tcc and im not interested in being friends with you faggots. get the fuck out before i send a swat team to your house you fucking freaks go touch some grass and stop idolizing shooters

- im sorry but if you actually legitimately seriously think that leon scott kennedy from popular game series resident evil is a sex god that would call you a filthy slut just. dont. dont speak to me. get help. that man has no rizz and i will die on that hill

- idk other than allat just like be a decent person n we probs wont have issues ig

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Ppl who ship Leon w/ Ashley are weirdddd

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is twewy problematic? /genq
btw im not a fan

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not that im aware of, i js dont like it bc it reminds me of sirius

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