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Hey all! Welcome to my... gimmick account? Eh, sort of, but not quite.

This profile, much like this site, is a project based on something from the past. In this case, it's the community and culture of scene kids circa the mid- to late-2000s, through the lens of a southern scene kid - which I and many of my friends were at the time!

The purpose of this profile is to provide a documentary and post-mortem on the first iteration of scene culture as it manifested in the southeast U.S. and was experienced first-hand by us scene kids in the region. There will be content here that addresses scene culture at a global level on occasion, both past- and present-tense for the time (basically from its roots in the late 90s / early 2000s through its peak and rapid demise in the late 2000s), but the core content will focus primarily on U.S. southern scene culture in the mid- to late-2000s.

Here's the basics:
  • This profile is a faithful recreation of the MySpace profile I had from 2007-08, and is used as a reenactment of when I was a scene kid. The profile photo is of me from that time, and any photos that have my face in them in subsequent blogs and bulletins will be from that time-period.
  • Each post on this profile tracks the exact date 14 years ago - so for example, when this blog post originally went up on 14 November 2021, any posts from that day were either directly from, or acted as if it were, 14 November 2007.
  • On that note: Some blog posts and bulletins will be ones I wrote back in the day, some will be newly written, and some will be fusions of various pieces of writing I once made but never posted to MySpace. But the idea is to keep everything that's detailed in every post era-accurate - from the gear, the music, the shows that were airing, merchandise, culture, you name it. This also pertains to photos and videos that don't show my face; some will be from 14 years ago, and some will be new. However, I'm only human, so if you see something in a piece of writing or media that's from a time after 14 years ago as of the respective post date, send me a DM so I can correct it!
  • Comments are welcome and encouraged!* With exception to thanks for adds or other current things, all comments will be replied to as if it were 14 years ago - so in this sense, you'd treat it kind of like a RP account. Better example would be like an ask blog from the days of yore at Tumblr, if you're familiar. Assume the usual guidelines with this sort of thing: no romance, no mature content, no asking to be a mod. Engaging with the subject material is the safest bet. If in doubt, send a DM.
  • *See that asterisk above? Here's the biggest and most important takeaway: If you are a minor, you CAN add as a friend, but beyond exchanging thanks for adds, interactions will NOT happen. You’re still free to leave comments as you please, but if you do comment or DM and your profile makes it clear that you are a minor, I won’t reply. See this thread regarding catfishing practices here on this site, as it has already become prolific.
So, what sort of content can you except from this profile?
  • In general, there’s a lot of stuff to come. And I mean a lot. I have several hundred GBs worth of photos, videos, blogs, bulletins, journal entries, prose, poetry, and so much more that’ll all make an appearance here (and back then, hundreds of GBs was actually a lot XD)  There’ll be all the sort of stuff you’d expect of late-teenage nerds in late-stage scene culture - music, video games, shows, love, drama, angst, all manner of things, and all represented as real and as raw as everything was at the time.
  • While I used MySpace a little at the end of ‘07, things didn’t really pick up until the start of 2008. In fact, 2008 was such a wild ride for myself and a number of my friends that in 2012, I created a retrospective journal - literally titled 2008 Documented - that logged the relevant events of every single day of that year, using all the photos and videos we took, all the MSN / Windows Live Messenger conversation records we kept, and all the old messages, blogs, and bulletins from our MySpace archives to recount every single event as accurately and thoroughly as possible. This profile will have an amalgam of content originally posted to my old MySpace profile, as well as new content tracking the events of 2007 as best as I recorded them back in the day, and those detailed in 2008 Documented.
  • All that said, given the age range of the audience here and to follow in line with An’s established rules for this site, all explicit content has either been nixed or toned down. The core of all original content will still be kept intact, it’s just the language and level of detail may not get as saucy as it once did :P
  • After consulting with some of the old crew before making this project a reality, we decided to change names and omit locations details to protect privacy across the board. Some details have also been tweaked in order to retain anonymity. Although this is a joint project with a number of folk from the days of yore, we cannot account for all parties from back then, thus some peeps have either been pulled from the history docs entirely, or details have been modified and photos withheld to prevent unwanted exposure.
It's my hope that those of you that’ll be sticking around SpaceHey will enjoy what’s to come, and might get to relive some sweet sweet nostalgia, learn about scene kid history, or a bit of both. If you’re interested in making sure you see all the content that posts, make sure to subscribe to the blog!

In the meantime, take care, and I’ll see you in 2008 <3

~ ~ ~

P.S. If you’re interested in following any behind-the-scenes stuff I may post in the future, send an add to my main profile!

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